Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


Solid gainz today. Now waiting for everyone else to jump in and buy high!

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lol, he lost EEEUUUGE GAINZ!!!


Another guy bets Trump will cause market volatility, loses bigly:



Arctic Cat Stock Price Is Skyrocketing Today


Bet Against TrumpGod. Lose.


Markets are correcting this year no matter who was president unfortunately. Everything is over bought and inflated right now. The major hedges against trump tho are hilarious. Soros lost over a billion and there has been a few hedge funds including the ones from MIT that have dissolved due to their shorts.


what would you get in to right now then? bond proxy stuff, utilities etc.?

i realize the banks are inflated right now with their 20% run up in late 2016.


Gonna take more than a few down days to wipe out muh gainz.


I’m with you. I moved a good chunk of one retirement account to money market, parking my gains.


Same here. Figure I am happy with 26% last year on my fund to accept less than 10% this year at the most.


so Mr. Buffett is probably single handedly responsible for the huge run up in US bank stocks since November… lol

imagine one day being like… hmm… i think i’ll just try and spread this $12,000,000,000 around on a few things and hope no one notices.



SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Year to Date Total Returns (Daily):9.31% for July 7, 2017


“Moved a good chunk” means I’m still part of the upside. The chunk that was moved has mitigated a bunch of risk, which will play out in a matter of time. The indices in derivative terms are diverging with their underlying shares. There has been a lot of gaps and irrational behavior, indices aren’t moving/behaving in a very sustainable fashion. Momentum indicators are also making every upside move appear to be knee jerk. Time will tell, my risk has been mitigated and I’m quite comfortable with my strategy. Good luck.


I’m by no means questioning your strategy… prior to the election, I moved 25% of my 401k balance into a Gov’t securities fund, as I had no clue what was going to happen (as did most experts), but I wanted to be able to position myself to lower my cost basis if markets did fall. I more so was quoting both of you to stir some discussion in this thread.


MaryJane keeps getting legalized in new places, I’m still buying stock in those few companies. My latest stock, SPOT Coffee (also my fav coffee house) has been doing me really well. Started buying around 7 cents, .18 now. Much better than liberally biased in every drop starbucks.


Yea I was in heavy in S&P, almost 90% in small and mid cap. I have divested about 60% recently and parking the gains elsewhere. Rather not try to sneak out a few more percent and have it on the side to reinvest at a discount once this corrects a bit but also not fully out to not make gains.


so what up with bitcoin?

it’s pulling back hard with the China news but i dont really see that as having an effect on its value long term. Perhaps people are just speculating that other nations will follow suit?

Isn’t the whole point of bitcoin to avoid manipulation by nations and reserve banks anyways?

seems like this pull back, if it pulls back harder, will be a great time for newbs to get into it


I’m still investing in potcoin, and considering ripple. I feel as if bitcoin is too expensive for my taste and too volatile. But someone on here who is into digital currency should chime in.


i guess bitcoin jumped back 20% from the lows.

not sure if i mentioned it before but chipotle is on my radar hard. It is trading at 5 year lows and keeps trying to go up but all these snafu’s are keeping it down.

their last quarterly was solid too.