Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


All I know is every risk I’ve wanted to take over the years ive pussied out on and I need to quit doing that shit. I invest conservative/moderate risk (silver, couple pot stocks, some digital currency) and do well 5-15% gains, But I want nut swingin baller ass gangsta status. 100 grand nowadays aint jack fucking shit, cant even buy a decent house with it.

I got my eye on Ripple but my inner pussy won’t leave me alone.


i think i mentioned following Chipotle in this thread somewhere. i set a buy at $0.50 under $300 the other week but it didnt fill. it’s not up much though so i may look again soon but i’ve also been watching Freshii.

this is a Canadian health-oriented fast food chain that IPO’d last year at $11.50.

Honestly, it’s a great concept and i think the brand will be very successful in the future but the CEO is terrible. He made some silly subway overture earlier in the year that dropped their stock 15% or so and they just revised down their full year guidance and took a 35% hit… it’s sitting under $6 cdn now.

probably a longer term hold than most want but all these guys have to do is remove the CEO for someone decent or get bought and they’ll surge hard.

the CEO was on BNN this week and showed his inexperience here:


lol, Chipotle got fuxxored HARD today on that quarterly miss. And it was a BIG miss too. $0.69 eps vs expected $1.63.


Ive been looking into ripple too…dont know much about it but they just forked


time to go a little safer?


really interesting subject.

given how unsuccesful they have been with healthcare reform i suspect money is hedged anyways and not ‘all-in’ that tax reform will happen.

US banks seem to be a safer bet given their multiples. I’ve done well on my JP Morgan and TD.

My god was this week, and specifically today, ever amazing for the big tech stocks.

the big 4 murdered it… APPL, FB, GOOGL, AMZN


when things are too good with no underlying reason, it means a correction is near. how much longer can things go?


the tech gains were fueled by earnings and growth fundamentals… mind you they trade at odd multiples at times, but it was not based on nothing.


are we in a tech bubble? that’s the million dollar question. lots of articles both ways. there is certainly some built in pricing for expected republican tax cuts and being able to bring money home.


I don’t see it as a tech bubble, more that everything else is getting stale so the money goes where it’s fresh. Retail for example is drying up and everything is moving to online / Amazon.

Also there was quite a bit of money sitting on the sidelines during the Obama administration and it’s just now being put into the market.

DOW 30k Br000000!


Bump! These quotes were around DOW 20k. Not it’s 24k. When’s this train coming off the tracks?!


I am waiting for the anti-trump hedge funds all short on the markets to finally get squeezed and this rips up. I am still invested for sure. Bull cycles are bull cycles.


I do not agree in principal that the market is over-bought based on the value of the DOW.

There are a lot of important sources of overall growth in the DOW that would see it go even higher. inflation, population growth, international growth, china and india economic growth, consolidation of assets into publicly traded hands, better outlook for commerce vs. investing in bonds or other competitive investments, low interest rates, new industries coming on-line or maturing (BTC, weed, block chain etc)

This isn’t to say the bull run will keep going but there are plenty of reasons for it to keep going. certainly more reasons than not.

Warnings of a correction are also valuable though. It’s important to be vigilant.

I can say that my non-weed stock portfolio has been quite boring and and much more mixed-results


The economic indicators don’t indicate a coming correction…still. The smart move is probably to reduce risk if you are older, keep it on if you are younger or don’t give a fffff. I’m still in the market, just reduced sizing and awaiting a correction to repurchase.


I hope for a correction, I’m not retiring for another 30 years even if I’m a millionaire tomorrow. Buy at a discount brogansons.


“Indicators” HA!

The market will come down when the handful of people who control it want it to. :tinfoilhat:


Indicators tell me the market is going to crash. :slight_smile:





shout out to Trump-God for the bump in my US bank holdings today. I needed that part of my portfolio to pull it’s weight. Yeah son.