Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


yo i wanna just make a note here about Chipotle (CMG) again.

It bottomed around $275 then ran to $330 in Dec before what i would say was tax loss selling that has it back under $300. I would bet this will be over $330 before end of Jan with the quickness.

Lots of people will have been upside down on it from it’s drops in 2017 so it was perfect to sell off for tax harvesting just to get back in to it in the new year.

I’d get in but it isnt a weed stock so i dont care about it :slight_smile:


^^^ just want to point out this came true. i didnt put any $ in though. all figured CDN of course.


I notice that when the American markets do well, all my Canadian stocks do shitty and vice versa


that Trump / NAFTA thing is is weighing heavy. all the news is about what it will mean.


25% of Canadian firms may move some business to U.S. amid NAFTA woes: survey


yes, when you factor in the tax bill too it is obvious.

this is a great video about it:


^^ I’d that post but it’s not on the test forum :slight_smile:


Thread works again :tup:


yo seriously. i just looked at the 1 year chart on Netflix. it gave me a boner.


Did you buy?


no i’m just saying.

i nabbed my first 6-bagger today with the green stuff but i still like tracking other sectors plus Netflix was all over the news with it.


First i have seen of the Trump admin favouring a lower USD relative to peer set.

the dollar is startlingly low given the strength of the US economy right now. I have been speculating with people that this represents a huge opportunity for CDN investors on US stocks because where the dollar is at right now is about average at a time with the CDN economy is weakening and the US economy is ramping up. the USD should be 10% stronger against the CDN imho.

great time for me to be adding to JPM or other US holdings.


OMG who’s ready to start buying?!?!?! Markets dumping BUT the not seeing other indicators rising.


yeah wow.

the US banks and tech stocks are getting hammered today. maybe this is the start or mid point of the 10-15% pull back?

that Wells Fargo tho!!!


It’s as if everything is on sale right now. Well, except for Amazon, lol.


damn now that’s a correction!


Anyone bargain hunt this morning? I didn’t react quick enough and lost out.

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so i guess this is the pullback. remains to be seen whether this is only part of the way down or the bottom.

i’ve only really been a persistent market watcher for about 2 years and this is the most significant market-wide pull back i have ever seen. I was not paying much attention back in 07/08. Its interesting to watch all the financials (banks) in both Canada and the US see multi-point % decreases multiple times a week for 2 weeks.

Mind you, there has been quite the run up over the past couple years. Especially since trump came in.

Chipotle (CMG) got smacked hard this week. down over 10%. Twitter is CRUSHING it… anything blockchain related has had its ass handed to it. i got in on an IPO a few weeks ago and i’m down 80% on it. yay.

Canadian equities looks like poo right now altogether.


This “historic” pull back wasn’t even technically a correction, despite the media shitting all over it. I think we were down only 4%? A correction is defined as 10%.

Don’t buy the hype, buy the dip!


i guess that 4% is just the DOW or S&P?