Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


I’m talking DOW. Officially hit correction today.


yeah there was a pretty solid sell off in the afternoon.

tough to tell if this is the bottom though. it could go a while longer.

JPM is my only real US exposure left. Canadian Banks have been taking a nice hit too though.

With that being said, with the final confirmation of Canadian legalization and all of the upcoming MOU’s the bounce-back on weed will be way harder than all everything else.


VIX will tell you quite a bit about the strength/conviction of any dip/correction. VIX hasn’t seen these levels since 2011’s flash crash and 2008 prior to that. As price rallied higher with less and less participation/interest the risk of being long grew, exponentially. If nothing else, reversion to mean is a thing…for damn good reason.


i like this guy.

he’s bearish on the market overall and he has been right before. interesting to hear the counter-perspective.


Just shared that on FB myself. Perma-bears are rarely on time but they are also rarely wrong in the bigger picture. It’s not throw enough crap at the wall to see what sticks either, it’s a case of markets staying insane longer than you can remain solvent. LOL


Lots of talk this week about Zuck dumping some of his Facebook stock:


God look at all that, pennies to this man.


need more context, if these sales of shares are consistent with annual activity it’s not a big deal.


Facebook getting killed.


Tesla getting killed… Amazon also with a shit day.

US banks pulled back a bit in recent weeks as well.


Remington files for bankruptcy.


They must be terrible with their money


They must be terrible with their money


They must be terrible with their money


They must be terrible with their money


I happened to just be reading about this topic:


you bastard


well Chipotle finally did it… good earnings report, stock up 25% today

i didnt enter it… :frowning:


im just stickin to weed lol


so if that’s the case i heard some rumours this week that ACB is buying a major brewery and i also was told Maricann has already been acquired it just hasnt been announced yet.

i entered both…