Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


Nice heads up! I will jump in tomorrow. I’ve been looking for a reason to get in there.


I’ve done pretty well with amazon the last few weeks. I think my new strategy is wait for Trump to shit on any company with strong fundamentals, wait for the fall, then buy in and watch it recover.


There’s an app for that I think. I remember hearing that someone wrote one.


Pulled whatever I had open just before the big drop at beginning of year, just put some back in play. The econ data ATM doesn’t support a recession theory, we may have had a fire sale here. Something to note, govt is pumping the sub 4% unemployment number as a pro and stating we haven’t been this low since 2000. This is true, we haven’t been this low since 2000…just before the recession. Stay alert, stay nimble and always carry lube with you as an investor. lol


I keep hearing either we’re in a great spot or the world is going to end, lol. If you’re a Keynesian right now you’re either depressed or building a bunker.

I’m full speed ahead and days like today paid off :tup: