Garage clean up sale:E30 Parts!

Hey guys, i have a ton of crap kickin around from my e30 and other e30s that i’m just tired of having, so here it goes. I also have a coulple e30 parts cars, so if you guys need something, hit me up with a pm, i might have it.

First off, a rear seat set in beige leather with fold down armrest.
Tear between stitching on the lower seat, about 1.5 inches, otherwise pretty clean. $150
pick up preferred

Front and rear standard seats in vinyl, no tears or cracks of any sort.
The seats were sitting on top of eachother which is where all the creasing came from. 200 obo

Eta intake manifold ported for an “I” throttle body. I had this setup on my eta when i had an eta motor and it was quite fun. Dunno about horsepower gains but definately more peppy when you crack the throttle. 50? obo?
I just don’t wanna throw it away.

I have more comming up. Next up, black interior panels (front door cards and rear quarter cards) for a coupe. Black vinyl, no rips or tears 80 obo.
pics comming soon


ABS pump. -$50?
Worked fine when pulled, i just don’t ABS in general

Power steering Reservoir -$30

M20 Thermostat housings -$40 each
and one heater core nipple thing on the back of the head - $20?

M20 ETA head - $70
one broken rocker arm on cyl 1 exh. I broke it, but other than that, great head ~175kmi

M20 “I” intake - $40

Second ETA head - $100
Nothing wrong with this one

E30 Brake booster - $40

im coming down and picking up a bunch of shit from you this week, nothing you listed but i need

top mount for the strut / spindle up front that mounts to the strut tower … u know… the one with 3 studs… i need one of those. Its like a top hat for the front.

I need driver side mirror glass , only the glass.

black door panels if you got em.

misc interior pieces like cig ash tray and shifter boot.

slightly interested in tires/wheel combos if u got something cheap for winter

looking for white hood without dents, but i dont expect u to have one.

is front valence

etc etc there is other shit, hit me up thru pm or text me 378 3092 or both. lemme kno the location

PM sent