Garage sale...2weeks then to the dump. *DUMPED*

tan leather seats (need some upholstry) $20 each

tan 240 glove box $10

240 Dash brace $10

silvia dash brace $10

silvia heater core and AC core $20 for the pair

passenget stock strut and spring (rusty but no punctures) $10

240 attenuator and muffler free

non hicas steering pump, bracket, and resevoir $50

2x silvia AC compressor $20

HICAS distribution node $40

240 stock brake booster and master cyl. SOLD

SR20 engine support $10

Stock rear shocks and springs (rusty but no punctures) $10 each

L an R 240 motor mounts no cracks $15 ea

L an R SR20 motor mounts no cracks Sold

Stock front sway bar with end links, grate shape, $40

silvia center console $20

stock 240 steering wheel $10

silvia steering column with ignition, signals, switches and key $50

The parts from the 240 were all off of a 92 hatchback and the silvia parts were all of of my front clip 92 silvia. I will be home all day sunday the 13th, the evenings of this next week between 6:30 and 8:30, all day sunday next weekend (same time the following weeks evenings) and the following sunday whatever is left all goes to the recycler. Yay forspring cleaning![/img]

I see a few things in there i missed…pm me and chances are they will all go for between 10 and 50 bucks.

found a photo i missed,

2 sets of flip up lights with motors and supports tan $50 green $40

4 lug stock hubs $10 ea (2 sets of fronts 1 set of rears)

fan clutch $5

240 and silvia wiper motors $10

L an R 240 motor mounts no leaks $15 ea

L an R SR20 motor mounts no leaks $20 ea


fixed…im used to playing with V6s and my last one was liquid filled motormount. No cracks.

Have a steering rack for a USDM s13 by chance?

nope…traded it last year for a portable gas pump.

i was looking at the jdm steering column and the only differences i could see were where the light and windshield switches are.

ignition’s are different.

Is there a blower motor in those heater cores?

If so, then sold!

should be…let me look tonight and ill get back to you. I dont remember taking the blower motor out so it should be there.

They are just exchangers for each heat and AC in there. I have some more crap in the attic. Ill see if i have the squirrel cages up there on my next unload…I have even more crap then I imagined.

Want both your AC compressors (those are from SR20 engines or will work with them right?) and your power steering pump (from an SR20 too right?)!

please email me reeskm at gmail dot com



I will take the flip up headlights if they say DOT on the casing

email me with information skylinegtr20[at]

Remainder gone to trash. please lock