malfunctioning matt's parts out list!!! sr20det, blitz, hks,

prices so low you’ll think ive malfunctioned.

if my car is not sold whole by this sunday then i have decided to part it out.

heres th list, pm me if your interested in parts, i would like to see some interest in justa bout alll of it if i am to go through with this.

my last part out went very well, lets have similar results.

-240sx chassis w/ sr20det sold
80,000 k;s on the sr with 220,000 on the chassis. no driver’s seat,fenders, and bumper, and the sr will be without injectors, and intercooler, and bov. everything else is whole. no taillights either now. idle needs to be set, any shop or someone with mechanical nknowldge can do this.

the sr has a cp racing 5 puck clutch, resurfaced flywheel, walbro 255 lph fuel pump, 300zx tt fule filter, and there are boost/air/fuel gauges in the chassis, aswell as a bings short shifter. the car has a new starter and is good for many parts.
this is perfect for a first time swapper or someone who wants to learn. the sr is already wired and intsalled so its like having a guide right in front of you.

  • s13 silvia front end $1200 (eperate prices in brackets)
    this front end includes an
    authentic origin lab aggressive front bumper, brand new, (250)
    raceonusa d1 30mm overfenders, brand new (200)
    94 silvia halogen lights, very rare (sold)
    mtal silvia hood 150)
    oem corner lenses (sold)
    oem brakctes (sold)

  • bings cat back exhaust, brand new, never even mounted sold

  • bings turbo elbow, brand new, only test fitted, sold

  • project silvia downpipe brand new, only test fittedsold

  • project silvia test pipe, never mounted, brand new sold

  • hks 450cc injectors, used but working sold

  • hks oil catch can, used but in very good shape sold

  • authentic vertex rear bumper, great shape, minor scuffs sold

  • nismo stlye side skirts, used but in great shape sold

  • sparco sprint racing seat, sliders, and racers choice inc. 4 pt harness $sold

  • godspeedracing fmic with all brand new couplers, exact same as bings, brand new, only test fitted, full kit with piping sold

  • blitz dd bov, used but in great shape sold

everything is for an s13

more stuff may come up soon, pics of everytihng will be up in a few days.

let me know if ytour interested in anythging so i can keep track of all my interest.



ill take the dp and turbo extension.

let me know asap


ill take the battery relocation kit and side skirts

let me know

due to overhwelming demand in such a short time…

this is an official part out!!!

let the mayhem begin,

first come first serve.

im holding nothing for anybody since ive had too much interest fomr various people on a lot of parts…

as they say, cash speaks. paypal ready, buyer must include 3% paypal fee that they will charge me.

take care guys.

if i go to mattys this saturday and anybody wants parts pm me and i can pick them up, im going to charge 5 bucks a pickup, it saves u the drive

any pics of the fmic?

anypics of the chassis and sr20

more parts for sale:

  • cp racing triangulated stb sold

  • racers choice inc 4 pt harness (1) sold

  • greddy airinx kit (still on its way to me, brand new) $100


You have a few things I would like. I can be there a half hour after you call me with money.

Call me 905-324-6973


any more takers?

many parts gone, still some good stuff left

throw me an offer on something and i shant refuse.

later boyos.

wtf answer my pm’s call my shop ive asked for either!!

i have cash in hand geeze.


if you havent noticed, the stuff you were asking baout is sold.

not much left, act fast

sr chassis now comes with the battery kill switch as i installed it today.

glad to see your getting some cash back out of it matty.

wow… i even posted up like an hr after you… and somehow it got sold on me.



you dropped a pair of vice grips beside your car.

gt, i didnt sell it to you because the guy who bought it spent $950 with me last night.

he’ had first dibs.

like i said.




i found matty’s original keys.

i was changing the hatch from my parts car onto my beater and i found matty’s keys in the trunk of the parts car. he was here with steve a couple weeks ago pillaging.

and the car is half parted out now…

boooooooooooooooooooo matty…

btw… i’ll trade your keys back for the silvia face…lol

no really though, any time you are down here, i’ll put em in your hands.

thanks binger

thats ok, i have plans for another car.

things are picking up

more stuff sold tonight.,

act fast ont he remaining stuff.

im open to offers on the bumpers.