GBTires Customer Cars..Show your swag!

This was the first set i got off him

This is a pair of the set i got off him for drift spares (sorry its so dirty)

and i got 2 more the same as the mesh wheels as well from him. (the ones that are on the front in the 3 and 4 pic)

looking good, clean that bitch
btw whats the deal with the gas strap…lol

damn bobby, you beat me to making this thread!!! lol

rims look sick man!

Clean it for me :slight_smile:

The gas strap shows how lazy I am.

Comon guys I know you all have camera’s give samson some props and show your swag before i have to buy more stuff and keep posting up pics.


<3 Samson!

here are some of mine…

need rear multi-link and coils so i can slam it and make it look nice like samson, but this will do for now…

MB Wheels (Weapons - Drift Wheels)
17x9 +17 all around

Everyone else should spread the love, and contaminate this thread with their pictures of the wheels and tires they got from GBTires!

What a beautiful shot!!!

Now slammmmm ittt like its hot :wink:


There you go Samson! HAHAHAHA

hahahah that looks SOOO sick

nice photoshop skillz!

hahaha thnx!

Sneak preview… More will come after the car is detailed!!

the Z1 star spec mounted on the car.

gonna purchase second set soon and it is going on the Skyline… HEH HEH HEH

it ur car at planet?

LOL… no… somewhere else…

dont lie

i know that hoist lay out and blue line on the wall


Seriously… That is not Planet motorsports… that is somewhere more like in Markham.

ok cool

nice car btw

c’mon ladies

less chick talk and more pic talk

judging by the car in the background I’d say it’s Can-Jam… same place my car was built ;]

yupp aka home of CSCS

yup. thats correct!!!

and why arent you taking the subie to the same place where your GTR is?:cool: im stealing your rims btw and front diffuser. lol.

LOL…Cam Jam, MS auto are both excellent shops and I personally know them well too… so Why not bring my cars to both of them at different times… LOL.