Gears of war 2

I has it… :finger:


ooooooohhhh, share a link or the disc for 10 minutes??

Haha… I grabbed it from usenet… too bad you werent closer I could toss you a copy.

For GoW 2 I am up for a ride. I can rip it with my laptop. Or if you share what newsgroup it was?

Its on under post names: Presents Gears.Of.War.2.NTSC.XBOX360-x360inT [74/75] - “x360-gears2.rar” yEnc (48/48)

Thanks man. Got it coming down the wire now. Also saw a few others I’d like to demo as well.

hehehehehe… Guitar Hero 4, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Farcry 2, Dead space… all out there early and all great to “Demo”


you guys have no problems playing online with the “demos”?

Nada… Rocked out on some Co-Op with a buddy last night…

We need to get that MS28 of yours flashed :smiley:

I am banned from Live for having a demo-capable drive… but I had outdated firmware on it for a long time. I don’t know anyone personally who has been caught since the newest ones were being used… but then again I only know 3 people who go online with these types of demos.

Yes, I got my xbox torn apart already. Not to mention I have a SATA/IDE usb adapter now.

as long as I can get online with them, im all for it.

wanna help me out? haha

Thanks for the usenet group you mentioned above. I’ve got about 7 or 8 games in the last few days and I’ve run out of discs! Guitar Hero World Tour is awesome… hadn’t kept up to date on it and didn’t realize there were some Tool songs there. WOO HOO!

Now to check and see what demos are available for Wii…

anyone have a link to a good tutorial on how to get my 360 playing burned discs???

I already know about xbins and how to get on etc.

thanks for that link…

so you guys are playing gears 2?

did you download this as an NZB or torrent or what? im kinda new to this 360 stuff…i have an xbox with a modchip tho so i know some stuff…i should be able to pick it up quickly

Just finished GOW2…




How else can i describe it? :slight_smile:

last chapter is FTMFW.

Stayed up waay too late finishing this game myself. A buddy of mine and I did co-op campaign. It was super sweet. I was a big Gears 1 fan though too. Alot of subtle jokes referring back to the first one.

SK360, Did you notice any bugs or glitches? We had a bunch… enough to make me think it is actually a beta of some form. At least we hoped so…

Heh… its def no beta… the XEX’s on beta copies are signed to only work on devkits… if it works on a retail unit its a retail signed copy…

Not anything that I noticed… a few times some things loaded without all the textures loaded yet, but they quickly appeared…

Played it from front to back with my buddy via xbox live coop… same as we did for GOW…

What fun!

I thought the last ‘boss’ was soooo weak :frowning:

Also, the ending wasn’t as good as I was hoping, but if you wait through all of the credits - there is something that helps redeem it.

Horde is pretty fun, nothing like blastin a bunch of zombies with 4 of your friends. (yes, I know they’re not actually zombies - I just choose to call them that)