General Tech info/Useful Links


I have piled up quite the collection in my bookmarks list so I thought I would put them here to share:

gear/trans calculator:

RC injector’s injector/fuel pressure calculations:

handy wheel/tire calculators which take into account offset:

special projects motorsports aero discussion:

Turbo compressor calculations:

I’ll add more as I find where I stashed all of them.


My contribution.



Great idea!


page with some fun odd stuff. Gear + tire calculators, wire gauge calculator, injector, etc.

I’ve got a good amount of pages like this saved onto a CD here. I’ll dig out tomorrow maybe


Great brake upgrades.


Everything you ever wanted to know about oil.


How to read a shock dyno.

Page 16+


Is the author of that R-speed turbo article local? Is that a local forum? I noticed Lebanon Valley was mentioned.


Eric is local yes. No he is not on here…as far as I know anyway.


he pops on here every once in a while (when I send him a link)


Fantastic Transmission/Gear theory write up.



I have a bunch more bookmarked I’ll add in here later. Want to change the title to something more generic and sticky it?


Thread stuck, looking forward to more links!


This is a more eloquent version of the same crap I say when someone doubts that they need TRACK brake pads for the TRACK.


two simple but useful ones

tire size calculator (height, etc.)

wheel offset calculator (compare how much farther/closer a different size/offset wheel will be to the inside and outside of the car)


not that we need another one on here, but this is a great visual aid for wheel/tire size and offset.


break every clip and fastener you touch during dissasebly? Save this link:

from honda cowl clips:

to windshield molding retainers:

to subaru gutter molding clips:

to full assortment kits:

I wish I new about this before I bought a bunch from the dealership last year.