GM 3.3 Bar Map Sensor

I found this on another forum but it might be useful to you boost freaks out there…

The connector is a tad different than the GM 3bar but this will max out at around 38psi.


BTW, GM Parts Direct has this for around $50…

Damn. I was planning on running 45 psi @ the track tonight.

Of course I already bought my 3 bar. Oh well, I am not going to be needing anything like that for about five years.

Me either but it’s interesting nonetheless. BTW Skrapper, I bought the ATP turbo weatherpack connector and it rocks!! You gotta supply your own wire though…

Cummins uses a 3.5 bar with an extra temperature output… :wink: Might want to look into that one.


3.3 x 14.7 = 48.51 :stuck_out_tongue:


3.3 x 14.7 = 48.51 :P[/QUOTE]

You have to take into account the atmospheric pressure of 14.7 so it’s really 33psi but it has been known and tested to go as high as 39psi.

good point … i typed that thinking 3.3 bar ABOVE atmospheric … but obviously a stock map sensor for an NA car would be like a 1 bar map, so a 3.3 would be 2.3 bar above atmospheric

zapped by my own not stopping to think