Gnarles Barkley anyone?

Well I dont know if you have heard, or like the song, but after seeing this video of him at the MTV awards, i’ve gained a new respect for him!!!


Holy crap. I absolutly hate the song on the radio at work… But seeing it like that was nuts. Big ups to the dumb-named dude in the Vader suit 8)

chubie of the drums is cool

any one know why the fuk hes dressed like that

its an ok song…

but… wtf


Because he’s rich and can do whatever he wants. I plan on dressing up like a Thundercat when i hit the jackpot.

That Star Wars theme is 8)
Great show. I always wanted to hear Chewie play the drums.

:bowdown: Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse

Thats Awesome! hahah Chewie