Going solar?

I thought I would bring this topic back up since the last thread was dated back to 2010.

I think I am planning to go solar at our double (future income property) before we buy our next home due to the NY State and Federal incentives.

  • Increase rent to cover cost of install over the years and include electric within the monthly rent bill

Has anybody gone through this program within NY State? - http://ny-sun.ny.gov/Get-Solar/NY-Sun-Incentive-Program-Overview
If so, can you provide the 411 and recommendations of who to use?

I have worked with Solar Liberty and CIR Solar. I am a big fan of the people at CIR Solar.

List of installers for Ny State - http://ny-sun.ny.gov/Get-Solar/Find-A-Solar-Electric-Installer

Both of the guys that I mentioned are on that list. If you want to do it yourself I can have my lighting specialist help with the nyserda paperwork. It typically works best to hire a reputable company.

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Also CVM Electric. They are not as deep in the game as CIR, but I can’t say enough good things about Carlo or Tre over at CVM.

Thanks - I will give CIR Solar a call, especially if no one else adds content.

Something I’ve been curious on related to this:

  • How does this effect things when it comes time to replace / reshingle a roof?

  • What does this do to the wear/tear of a typical roof?

  • Does the installing company take a look at the added weight to the roof of the structure?

  • Instances where I would be concerned are significant snow, and in the instance of a structure fire.

  • Have the panels gotten good enough to provide an ROI compared to their initial cost? Especially in our area where we can go days without seeing direct sunlight & clear skies.

The biggest factor is a south facing roof. The more unobstructed surface you have facing south the better off you will be.

Have you considered any of the leasing programs? No upfront cost, no liability, no maintenance- but you still get a bill usually

It finally hit me where I know Carlo from, I used to handle his vzw account. Good dude :tup:

Thanks, I was just talking about going solar. My neighbor did and he loves it. I dont know many details about the system etc but his bill was cut more then 50%. I believe he went with CIR too.

I asked about taking them off and putting them back on when the need comes and he said the Rep told him its a simple process for an installer. They are installed on a rail system and slide/lock into place.

My neighbor across the street is a sales manager for Solar Liberty and has a system on his house. I’ve been wanting to stop over and talk to him about getting a quote together for my house so I could run some numbers on it and see how the ROI looks.

Please do!

I sent Darrin over at CIR Solar a link to this thread and hopefully he or one of his associates can get on here and answer any questions that you guys have.

From what little research I’ve done it looks like a solid investment, at least while the state and federal subsidies are in effect. The system should pay for itself at least half way before it’s estimated end of life. I’ll know more once I get some solid numbers though.

Not that I am considering this, but it just seems like it would be hard to recoup your investment just with the savings on electric.

My electric bill is $100/month on average.

$15k system, - 55% in federal and state subsidies = $6750 out of pocket.

If it averages paying for 80% of my electric bill (which from what I’ve been told in passing it should do easily) = 960/yr in savings.
7 years the electric savings have paid for the $6750 I spent out of pocket. The systems are supposed to last 20-25 years. Even if you only get 15 out of it in those 8 years of service where it’s already paid for the system will MAKE you a little over $7680. The best part? These numbers are all assuming the cost per kilowatt for electricity isn’t going to rise over the next 15 years. What do you think the chances of that happening are? For every cent electricity costs go up the numbers look better for installing solar panels.

Plus the benefit of increasing your home’s value.

Now I need to talk to my neighbor and see if $15k will put a 4kW system on my house or not.

One of my neighbors had their garage covered in panels last year. It’s a massive garage though.

I have a good amount of space for them, but my southern neighbor has a huge old tree which shades 90% of it.

I guess i makes more sense with that math, my electric bills are significantly less than yours.

Do you need any insulation, windows, or other home improvements done that could be performed through NYSERDA and added to your electric bill as an on-bill loan? Get those things done then have the solar pay for it?

In this area electricity is too cheap to recoup any significant return in any reasonable amount of time.