Solar City Buffalo (Tesla Factory)

Looks like a cool project:

ib4 solar panels will kill birds and disrupt migratory patterns of fresh water batsnakes.

Where are they planning to do this?

Eventually somewhere else.


Riverbend. I had a map posted but it didn’t link right.

Normally I would have something negative to say about this but Elon Musk doesn’t really fuck around.

My primary concern before was giving tax breaks to companies who have never turned an profit and were basically random startups.

Link to what you guys are talking about?

I was a little confused at first because we have a contract with a actual solar electrical firm called “Solar City”

are they associated with this project at all?

Originally it was announced Silevo which is a startup was coming here and getting tax breaks before that actually happened they were acquired by Solar City

I just see this as an opportunity for $$$$$$$$$$$$

I for one hope this goes through and gets moving asap. I will post up the actual prints/plans once I get my hands on them.

I just drove by the property on Saturday and wondered what was going on. That’s my old stomping grounds. Used to jump off the bridge behind it as a kid with my brother.

@LZ1 posted this in the “Good news for Buffalo” thread. I wonder if anything has progressed.

I had the same thought. I also wonder how long before it becomes mandatory in either ny or cali to have solar panels as part of any new build…

I think that Buffalo is pretty damn fortunate to get an investment like this. Hopefully this will start a trend.


Time will tell if this is the start of something great or the next Solyndra. Right now I’m at cautiously optimistic.

750 million is a ton of tax dollars regardless of how many jobs it’s bringing. If it does fail it will be the end of some political careers.

Very exciting stuff…

I’ll second Jays & say I am “cautiously optimistic”. If this all goes through this will be huge for the area.

I worry about markets where things will change dramatically over the next 20 years…

I have no doubt in my mind that solar will be the major energy provider some day. The question is will this company be around long enough to be a part of making the technology economically feasible or will they simply be another stepping stone for someone else to build on. If this company is part of bringing solar truly mainstream that will be the best $750 million the government has ever spent.

Somewhere there is a Chinese company eying this project for acquisition if they go under :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for local environmentalists to protest the hazardous waste left over from the solar panel manufacturing process, considering it’s on the Buffalo River and will flow right past their sacred grain elevators, lol. I’m not holding my breath. They’ll likely ship out any waste using diesel trucks anyway.

I’d actually like to see any environmental impact statement for the project. I did a brief search and couldn’t find one.

I thought they’re past that if they have already started breaking ground?