Good driving music

post up ur favorite stuff to listen to when driving

Anything that scares people when they hear it eminating from my speakers.

trance makes long drives pass wonderfully and helps to relax

rock makes you drive more aggressive

initial d music makes me drive faster (and better…lol)

DMB 4L a live show where they are just samming away makes me so relaxed and the time pass like nothing, a 2.5 hour show goes by in a breeze and so does the drive!

“move this” by Technotronic…best 90’s song haha

what he said haha

I <3 driving to punk ska.

when im really feeling like driving hard some Slayer always gets me pumped :headbang:

when im really into driving, music like squarepusher, bjork, aphex twin

if im going on long cruises, coldplay and other similar, even emo dashboard confessional

almost never listen to the radio

j-pop just for laughs

Rage against the machine, makes me drive crazy :headbang:

i totaly agree. i also prefer trance/techno at night for some reason.

My driving CD: Filter - Title of Record (omitting 1 or 2 songs)

but last night i ripped a tiesto cd from onyx jr, and it may just have replaced filter



dj tiesto makes me drive quicker than normal, really just about any good vocal trance

Rise Against, Strike Anywhere, Count Me Out…

thriller, billy jean, bad

Pretty much any Jagermeister band, and a few non-Jager bands as well.