Good way to kill boredom


As some of you know I work midnights, so it can get very slow.

Anyways came across this guy and he’s a fanatic/hilarious, all he does is yell at the camera. Here’s his page, all of his videos are only a couple of min long.


lol, can’t tell if the guy is serious in some of the vids.




Yeah, I’ve watched some of his videos. Kinda strange how he has these short clips all bunched together, but I do find its not boring.


He’s gotta be making at least a few grand a month I’d imagine with all of his views and subs.


Yeah deffinitely!


Doug DeMuro has grown on me…


That wasn’t a bad vid, but I watched the one he did on the Velar recently and hated it.


i really like everything Doug DeMuro does. He just has a unique style of looking at the cars and i find he is often quite well-researched on things that you normally dont hear about.


In the Velar video he complains about the QR codes on the backs of the rear seat belts… doesn’t say why they’re there, just kinda makes fun of them. Totally useless.


Scotty Kilmore

Engineering explained.

I don’t know who to trust lol… probably engineering explained.


Scotty and Engineering Explained ANNNND a couple other big Youtubers were put to the test of building a model engine. EE won lol

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I would have to go with Scotty on most things because he has more real world experience. EE Admitted himself in the contest that “Scotty is probably better at this in real life than a plastic model”. I’d be surprised if Scotty ever opened a book that wasn’t an owner’s manual. He always talks shit about ASE certifications in his vids lol


haha, is there a video for them building the model engine? Sounds interesting to watch.

So anyone willing to try the 20k mile oil lol?


pretty sure first time i watched his video was around the ubrf era, He is like the backyard mechanic compared to chrisfix lol

i know someone with way less subscribers makes around 2k a month, so he has to be making around 3-5k a month.



There is a whole channel dedicated to debunking this guy, lol


i still love scotty lol fuckin nutcase


The videos critical of him were taken down… :thinking: