Got married!

Well lastnight I married my GF of about 4 years. Her name is Karen. She’s the love of my life.

We got married at the hearstone manner and I will be posting pics soon.



congrats tom :slight_smile: glad we could be a part of it!


awesome! congrats, how exciting…and may you two have a life full of happiness and love! :slight_smile:


pics pics pics…

conrgats… :slight_smile:


congrats bro!

fookin’ awesome… congrats man…

Congrats to Tom and Karen! :slight_smile:

wheres the pics :slight_smile:

congrats man.

seriously, i wanna see some pics!

hahahahah :rofl: and Congrats to you.

congrats :slight_smile:

Good times…table 11 rocks! Going out after Rocked harder…FWOT is now FPIMPINORANGESHIRTDRINKINGROYALFLUSH :slight_smile: All things aside it was my honor and pleasure to partake in such an event. Just dont ever ask me to be in pictures…I get in trouble :frowning:

congratulations :tup: :slight_smile:

bahaha :tup:

congrats on the new wifey :tup: