Got my wife a new ride *56k beware*

Well I decided since we’re closing on our house next week that its a good time to get my wife a new truck. So I got her a 2008 Lexus RX350 AWD. Navigation, backup camera, XM radio, HID’s that move side to side when you turn. All that nonsense. My aunt paid cash for a '07 Lexus LS460 so it was pretty easy for me to negotiate a GREAT price on this truck because they didn’t want to lose her business. Heres some pics, enjoy

baller :tup:

how much?

nice man :tup:

you are ballin’ new house, new car… must be nice :wink:

nice, don’t lose your job now that’d suck hard.

congrats on the good fortune though making money is nice.

yeah, whats ur payments like?

no payments on the car and i don’t have a mortgage because i took out a commercial loan to purchase the house through my business. Thats the only reason i can afford such toys.

Then I hope your business doesn’t get sued, because your house would be “recoverable” assets if you lose.

In any case, nice truck.

thats a hot ass SUV, nice purchase

should got the RX330H

H-being for hybrid

Very nice. I love those trucks.

you got your wife a new ride? what’s his name?
shouldnt she find that on her own?

haha, nice truck though

its a 400H
My grandpa has one. Not that much better on fuel, but cool technology.
Plus you have to put premium in the hybrid and you can put 87 in the 330 or 350.

Very nice ride. My neighbor was seriously considering one but ended up getting an LX 470.

So basically you’re paying more for something that isn’t really gaining you anything in monthly operating costs, and you’re taking a chance that in 5-8 years it will be worthless when the hybrid battery is out of warranty and needs replacing. :tup: to hybrids. :bloated:

can i be your wife?

My Grandma has a RX300 in the same color, they are pimp.

56k beware of what? Two 100KB photos?

very nice… i love these :tup:

Nice. :tup: Someday I hope to be able to spoil my soon-to-be wife like that.

Imagine the shit you could get away with after “Baby your car was getting old, so I picked you up a new Lexus.” :rofl: