Got rotor?

Who is that homeless guy that looks alot like GSX???



motherfucker needs to shave

what are those like 15" and for a truck

engineer says woo woo

and drop an lb or two

working on it…you handsome man

He is no ric flair or pain train terry tate!

15" rotor on one of my 15" OZ wheels:

Now that is a real medalion. That is true pimpin’ :pimp:

WTB: Impreza 6-lug conversion

I’ll see your rotor and raise you a wheel…

Dont make me put a 21" on my neck.

You won’t do it…

I am picking up rims for it tonight so the 21’s are going on the neck with tires!!!


Pics by the weekend or I ban myself lol


had to qoute it so you dont edit

I knew that pic was coming :lol:

Mike, what the hell are those going on?


six lug…Truck.

I guess Lighting…then SRT10.

Edit: First choice is a trail blazer

lol dam justin ur beard is thicker then mine…:tup: to both of us not at derrick anymore :lol:

yeah werd