greddy gracer front lip - s14 kouki JDM bumper only

I have had a lot of people aksing me for this LIP, but since the price was so high in the past it was hard to bring them in.

I got 3 in stock, for 340 dollars each, and considering they cost 250 to ship usually this is an insane price.

Brand new in box, nicest lip for the oem s14 JDM kouki bumper.,r:8,s:0&tx=89&ty=74

Answered prayer for alot of kouki bumper owners.

+1,prayer answered,what would we do without Varun!

thx for the pic…these are now sold out

those are sexy…and i dont even own a kouki

you sold all 3 in one day?


ya…all three gone…

my price was literally just what shipping and broker fees would cost normally to order one…

sick deal

^What kind of side skirts are these?^

Those are probably Greddy Gracer, or oem zenki NAVAN

Hard to confirm cuz of the colour.