So this is where all the “Cool” people are hangin’?

This is JonB, but if you’ve ever seen me out, Bottomsup is more like it. I don’t make it out as often as I’d like, but I do what I can.

I guess I’m the resident rally team. I have a thoroughly abused, but still firebreathing,'02 WRX JDM STi as a Group N rally car, a goliath RV/bar hopper, a ditch hungry honda scooter, and currently driving a Legacy and a Chevy Silverado for a daily drivers.

I consider myself reasonable experienced/knowledgeable on most things motorsport. Other than rally, I’ve raced SCCA Spec Racer, F2000, F3, Barber Dodge Pro Series, World Challenge, and even late model stock cars. I was also a driving instructor @ the Derek Daly Academy in Las Vegas. I’ve raced at most of the road courses in North America and many of the major ovals. I only dabble in autoX, as my current toys don’t lend themseves well to it.

Out of everything, this is the coolest thing you own :slight_smile: Good times. Nice to see you on the boards Welcome.


hola :wave:

Whats Up Jon!!!

Def a fun ride in the RV… you will have to sneak out more often so we can booze it up

sup piiiiiiimp

welcome :wiggle:


sup man