GTR and GTS-t Tein Coilovers

Hi, ive got 2 sets of tein coilovers for sale. Im selling the GTR set for a friend and both are in great shape. These are not the same as buying used coilovers off ebay etc, these are guaranteed to work flawlessly and you’ll know exactly what your getting.

Tein HA with 10/8 spring rate. These are the dampening adjustable ones, and they have 15,000 km on them in total. They dont leak at all, and the dampening adjustment works awesome. Bushings are in good shape. Looking for 900 for these, i came across some other ones i might want, but i dont necessarily need to sell these. Keep in mind they are on the car and are dirty from road use. But as of a month ago they did not leak at all (i had the dust boots off) and all the bushings and dust boots are in great condition. You wont hear any clunking etc. from these coilovers, they are mechanically perfect and have been run on the softest dampening setting for 90% of their life.

Tein HR with 10/8 spring rate. No leaks and in very good condition. These do not have damper adjustment, but are in very good shape and the bushings are also in good condition. My friend is asking for 825 shipped for them and i think he’s pretty firm. These pictures represent the overall condition of the coilovers, they are all in equal condition (including the bushings).

uhhh Tein ha spring rate is like 8/7… or are they diffrent on the skylines. Either way good deal for either set of coils

No, they are 10/8.