Guess what the FedEx guy delivered today

I got new rims and tires!!

Send them back they have holes in them

congrats. My personal favorite wheel on an fbody.

What sizes?


15 x 3 1/2 with 1.75" backspacing and wrapped in some 165-15’s off brand rubber

and they match my 15x10 draglites w/ m/t 26x10.5x15 et drags


x2! awesome wheels

only 3.5 width. you aint gonna be gettin much traction with them!!



looks good tho dan :bigthumb:

you may get some issues with turning at high speeds… :smiley:

Mmmmm. Those’re sex.

Bling Bling

car looks great with those wheels

why does it look like wayne is trying to have sexual relations with my car in the 2nd pic?

cuz he is

i would too…the car looks hot

hope u got big tail pipes tho

wow that is fuckin awesome. I love those wheels!

x2. Looks better than the daily wheels.

i dunno all about that now…lol