Guy in Rochester selling his f360 45 grand

Steal or POS???

Édit - Im not looking to buy, just thought it was interesting. Don’t know much about these

Funny I was just looking at these on Auto Trader yesterday.

I think this falls under the “you get what you pay for” ideology. I’d rather buck up another 10k to get one with a clean title, and not an ad THAT IS YELLING AT ME IN ALL CAPS.

The logical part of me won’t let me buy this but I bet the car’s totally fine, especially if he just had the service done. If he has papers to prove it that is.

Good looking color for sure, too many red Ferrari’s IMO

if that were a manual car it would be worth it all day long.

I called but no pickup. Listing was taken down. I ran the vin and the car was purchased for 31 grand 2 years ago at an auction, rear end collision.

Dude was probably blown up by the 30k millionaire gang looking to flex on them hoes.

Even at 45 I think he lost his ass on that car especially if he just had the timing belts changed. He might as well just keep and enjoy it, if he can lol