Has my car been Vandelized? *pics*

it looks like it… but i have 3 pretty sweet DIY’s coming up within the next week. I absolutely hate teasers…so this is my way of getting back at those who always post 'em. :woot:

rear view mirror is missing
window trim/seals are missing
A & B pillar covers are missng
Navigation/Sunglasses case/button strip/ashtray… all missing.



ooOOOOOOOOoOOOooOoo…i’m coming over to find out…:slight_smile:

omg…is that for real? T_T

I think I have an idea on 1 or 2 things here… knowing Josh though, it will probably be ugly as all hell!!! :lol:

Why do you have one of those old people things on your passenger side rear view mirror? hm?


ya im with you on this one.

powder coating old chrome trim & finally adding the V1 display to the mirror?

oh great, another lafengas DIY that makes everyone elses projects look like the end result of a 5 yr old makin playdoh castles …

cant wait to see it all man :slight_smile:

Ohhh! I know!

blue ram air filter!


glue recall




yes it has, now hand it over to me.

wow did the trash that thing…do you think you can rebuild it?

probably not…looks like a total loss.