Having some fun with one mean civic

Just got in from an eventful night and figured I would post a clip of the fun. First run was from 60, honda had very difficult time with traction (lucky me) then proceeded to pass me, lol.

check out my other vids if you are bored too.

I knew basicly what the results were going to be, but all in all I am not dissapointed one bit. ~2600lb, ~500whp civic vs ~3600lb, ~370AWHP, not too bad if you ask me…

I also hung sides (then he pulled a little) with a geared and exhaust 2007 GSXR750 later on in the night (no vid unfortunatly).

Comments welcome!

thats mikes civic right? he made like 475 on pump… and why the fuck couldnt he have spun that bad against me. wish i had a video of ours.

yea my civic was so far ahead of you guys ::slight_smile:

I thought the tranny was shot in the s4… you get it fixed already?

Post the launch vid!!!

did it for you :shifty

Ehh, sometimes it cooperates but if you try to go 2-3 quick it won’t go and will grind then 3rd and 4th are almost impossible to get into. I am ordering the parts this friday ($1800 :wow).

I was going to weigh down mikes car for you to make it a closer race… then again he probably would have got better traction. Too bad I missed it.

Dude, you can tow that civic as its trying to go in the opposite direction, though spinnin wheels LOL

Nice!!, Mike’s civic is so badass :bowdown

i was in mikes car, that thing is so fast… :nod , Ka blasting at 140+ :ohnoes


hate to be there

haha i knew you were gonna comment on that. i said the same thing last night. how i got lucky that i didnt spin against you. it was cold out last night, like i said the other day even a 10 degree difference can make all the difference in my car. it helps when i dont go full throttle in third like the other video against him.

nice runs nick, the s4 holds it down. say thanks to the lady friend for getting it on video. i dont have my videos of my car.

i recall hearing that, also saying the race with swifty was one of the best you had because you never come by a car that closely matched very often… i was thoroughly impressed. it felt like stallmers car on crack.

is mike hydra? I want to see pics of this car, sounds nutty… Props to the s4 tho :slight_smile:

Hybrd lol.

haha thats not the first time ive been called hydra.

yup thats me though. mike hybrd hydra, whatever.

ive got some pics here:


and here:


Should have put on the flashers and shut it down after you were ahead. :nono

nice races

Nice run. The S4 held it down pretty well against one of the area’s fastest Hondas.