Heads Up: Garage Sale Aug. 6 & (maybe) 7

For all you Garage Salers, I’m going to be hosting a garage sale on Saturday August 6th and possibly on Sunday the 7th as well. The house is on Fries Road in Tonawanda (between Sheridan and Eggert).

Here’s the deal:
I moved into my 83 yr. old grandfather’s house. He and my grandmother moved into this house in 1992. They unloaded the majority of their “junk” - as I would call it - during that move. My Grandmother passed away in December of 1999, and my grandfather lived there alone. He would take stuff home while volunteering at the Salvation Army - things he thinks have some value, but I question their worth. Needless to say, a lot of random things were set aside while I cleaned the house up. Upon moving in, I decided that their random furnishings weren’t to my liking, and redecorated most of the house.

The following items will be for sale:
Recliner (pending family decision)
End Tables
Vintage Clothing
Random Household Items (knick-knacks, wall decorations, sewing items, kitchen items, etc.)

Some things I may also be selling:
Items from the Basement!!
Home Audio Equipment
Computer Equipment (Wireless 802.11a items, Cable Router, maybe more)

I will post a more accurate list as I organize the items for the big day.

is there a sewing machine?

I doubt it, but I’ll keep you posted. You’d find it hard to believe, but there’s 2-3 of almost everything in that house. I needed an iron, and found FIVE of them in the basement. FIVE IRONS!!!?? I also found 2 Makita cordless drills (I don’t think I’m selling either of them). It’s crazy. I should probably just take the stuff the family wants from the basement, set it aside, and let people peruse the wares down there.

hmm… how’s the couch

The couches are what I consider to be “old people” couches. They’ve got like flowery patterns on them. They’re both in excellent shape, one of them was probably never sat on (you may want to replace the foam in the cushions - it gets very firm when not used).

My mom confirmed that there is a sewing machine in the basement. I’ll get more details if you’re genuinely interested.

Soon! Soon! Soon!!

I’ll have free hosewater available, if it’s a hot day!

im potentially interested in the clothing. is it weird old guy stuff? if so, IN!

anyway i can get a sneak peek @ furniture?

I’ll try to post up some pics of the furniture.

I don’t know what clothing I’ll have out there… I’ve heard clothing is teh suck at garage sales, and not to bother with it.

if the clothes smell like salvation army can I roll around in them?


im waiting for the detail list, hehe

Oh snap… free hosewater… Now that shit’s gotta be awesome… I’ll be there just for that.

Any aquaaaaaaaariums?

make sure theres a dog chained up near where the hose lays, just to make people wonder …

Pumice if you have any old glassware… such as crackle glass, salt dips, or other stuff like that, my mother would be interested.

She’s made it her life long goal to fill the house with that shit so you can barely move.