Heads Up! Gymkhana 9 HERE! Ken Block in Buffalo [Tues 9/13/16 Release]

Just a little insider info …

they are filming a new gymkhana here this week …

and they will be shooting some of the new ford raptor …

keep your eyes on the south park lift bridge … just maybe they might jump it

also filming at the central terminal

and filming on furhman at the old ford plant

Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Woah nice :tup:

this is awesome.


InB4the raptor becomes the next NYSpeed civic. LOL


Anymore insider info? This would be awesome to watch in person

Will be cool to see them ripping down roads you normally have to slow down to 20mph on in a 4 x 4 so your teeth don’t fall out.

ill have the schedule today


Would love to see this live, look forward to hearing more details/schedule.
Hmmm, now how do I get them to let me jump the lift bridge with them…I’ve seen some good air so far but that would be a blast!

12-8 today at the old ford plant …

get at me on facebook i have a pic from yesterday when some of the cars got here … all 2017 … raptor,gt350r,focus rs,taurus cop car

BDR is SO excited about this, lol.

Im pretty excited my wife asked me why i said gymkhana she was very confused so i had to show her one.

What about the bridge?

BDR post some pix for those without Facebook (which is probably only me lol )

Me too :frowning:

No, me too.

its on my phone … i have no clue how to post it here

screen cap?

or good old fashioned typing always works.

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edit: its kinda wild that they are filming in buffalo. the hoonigan headquarters is like a mile from my apt here in long beach