Is me BJ… hello!

hahahah “itsa me marrrrio”




what’s up

:lol: :lol: :lol:

bj, you are the epitome of kewl

of course he is

this better be the real BJ.

Pick up dog poop?

Lol, i’ve got a question to tell if he’s the real deal… what’s your brother’s name?


i think he is. i have seen a beat olds or buick with a taxi type sign on top saying bj’s odd jobs.

thanks captain obvious, we know hes legit, what we dont know is if this is really him.

Seriously, We don’t need a BJ imposter

why did he get banned

:word: I cant believe ure still around here…

super sneaky mod prob ran the ip address and realized it was some asshat on here. stupid noobs.

i miss the real bj odd jobs

welcome :wave:

What does BJ stand for??

srsly? you don’t know the story of BJ?