Help me find

A badgless RS4 style grille for my 01 S4, ive been digging this look and figured id give it a shot and see if I like it…I want to find one like the picture below with the S4 badge on it already…and the hood release in the right spot(more towards the middle) I cant really seem to find any ive searched around as much as I can when I have free time :banghead

To be honest I can’t stand badgless. Go with a rs4 grill so you won’t have to buy 2 grills once you notice the badgless is ugly lol

Haha yeah badgeless is TERRIBLEEEEEEEEE

Yea the badgeless grills look like shitbag

vomit all over the place.

RS4 is THE BEST grille for a B5. no questions asked.

Badge grill FTW.