help with wastegate selection

What size wastegate would you guys recommend for a 4.0L with a t70 .96a/r turbine? I want to stay at about 6-8 psi in street tune.

Tial 44

can never go wrong with tial 44 have had good luck with them


Just be sure to actually buy the real Tial wastegate and not the knock off. I doubt you would but still gotta say something

to keep boost around 6-8 your going to need atlest 2 44mm gates. one will not be enouf. Is it a twin scroll housing?

with 2 38mm gates 7psi springs twin scroll housing my boost was 14psi just on the springs that was with a 1.25ar

no its a single scroll housing.
so what size should i get because i have no room for 4 wastegates
also what brand should i get. is there a cheaper brand than tial that is good that isnt Chinese garbage.

there is a company called JGS but i have never used them personally. but have heard some good results with them. supposedly they are cheaper too.

what size motor?
doesnt the fact that he has a 4.0L have to enter into the equation somewhere?
this conversation is a little over my head, but it seems like the larger engine would allow his wastegate to maintain the lower boost levels as it (the motor) would consume more of the charge air… correct??

Synapse makes some really nice ones, but IIRC they are about the same price as Tial and of equal quality but an entirely different mechanism. As far as size? You could get away with two 38mm minimally. Nitroice may have a clearer answer.

thats a good point but you also have to consider the extra exhaust from the bigger engine. is there a calculation of somesort to figure a size?

its actually a 8.1L with two t70s and as for as packaging i dont think i can fit four wastegates.

Tial 44 sounds ok… I don’t know how low they will controll boost tho. On a Supra, I know that some people use twin Tial gates to controll lower boost… others swear by one. I personally run a 60mm HKS Pro gate, it has been fine for years.

You dont need 4 gates! that would be Pressure is pressure weather its a 4 cylinder or an 8. The difference is the amount of cfm the engine will produce. V8 will create more exhaust cfm to spin the turbo. It will spool faster and make more pressure at lower rpm than a 4cyl motor. To regulate boost pressure you need to be able to bypass exhaust flow past the turbo. Since you want to run such a low amount of boost your going to need to bypass alot of exhaust. 2 38mm gates SHOULD be enouf but to say for sure I would go with 44s.
Synapse are nice for a single gate setup. With 2 there is way to many vacuum lines to deal with. I had 2 with my current setup and switched to 2 38mm tials. The knock off tials are exactally the same thing. I took a knock off apart along with a real one. All the parts are interchangable. If I was doing a budget build, I would use the knock off tials.

i think im confused a little, you said i would need at least 2 44mm wastegates with a 4.0L engine. then I said its actually an 8.1L twin turbo which is two 4.0L. so you are saying use 2 44mm per bank which is 4 wastegates which i cant do, so should i use a 50mm or 60 mm on each bank. do you think that would keep pressure down? sorry for the confusion