hey from quebec

hey guys hows it going ? first time in 2 weeks that ive seen a computer. shits going good minus the sleep… hope you guys ar keeping the site up and going to meets … ill be omin come mid november then gone for another 8 months… but just wanted to stop by ad say hey,


Yo yo what’s up brother.

Glad you had a minute to stop by and yeah I think things are goin ok. My weekends are taken up but meets are still happening I believe. That’s great things are going well and hopefully if you get any leave between now and November and you get back this way hopefully we’ll hook up.

Good luck with everything man and take care.

Easy :R

ya for sure. i have leave in 2 or 3 weeks but im not allowed to leave quebec to much paper work lol… but on week 6 ill take a flight down for the weekend ill let you know.

lates man… im confined to barakes for the weekend so im fuked really and gonna be bored sitlless…

how about my transfur.