hey hey

whats up? most of you know me…

T-uP to the new site! :slight_smile:

Hey…u were just at my house! Welcome a board!


haha yea i was just at your house…it was fun…i take it you didnt end up goin out tonight?

so when do we get avatars? lol

how come i wasn’t invited to kyles house :frowning:

haha j/k

his sister was having a lil party… he was just there :stuck_out_tongue:

bob vila! saw you at O and then you left on weds :dagyo:

EDIT: i do NOT have a junior member



Lol Xstatic was over at kyles house to hang out with his sister because she had a “tupperware” party

who the hell are you?

Ciao Mama

hey hey

ahha his sister had a “make-up” party …not tuperware :stuck_out_tongue:

Juan…you know who i am suckaH …lol how’s your car comin along??

AK-----VILE…what up hun


r u hot? a/s/l? picz?

Leg humper hahaha j/k welcome my cubby hole girl :slight_smile:


sweet both of my wifeys are here, and all the mods rock, this is like dying and going to internet heaven :smiley:

ak, are you gonna be at uncle juans party ? do you have the Jello Shots ready ?