I dont post alot but I will follow Howie anywhere…anyone got a turbo kit for sale…goin to the dark side, Howie.

what upppppppp :wave:


What’s up Pat!


i don’t know who this is :frowning: lol what do u drive?


Pat drives a ricey civic (EF) hatch with ALTEZZAs :frowning:

but it’s white and clean.

he has a ZC (DOHC non-vtec 1.6L) swap

He is the owner of Sports Replay :slight_smile:

ahhhh is that the one from the hatch meet at southlake a few years ago? the STUPID clean low mileage one?

welcome~! :slight_smile:

hie, whats your username mean?

edit: sports replay WNY i gotcha

got any decent used softball or hardball bats? my team needs some new ones that have POWA


bump for andrea since she somehow missed this thread while postwhoring the newb section