New guy

Saw a link for the site in someone’s sig over on the 3G Eclipse boards, figured I’d check it out since I’m a NY’er too.

Welcome to the site.



:wave: hello

where is fishkill

sounds hick


Lol…probably only hickish if you live in Manhattan. Its about 1 to 1-1/2 hours north of NYC in Dutchess county. Kind of in the Newburgh/Beacon/Poughkeepsie area. Pretty much a regular crowded suburb.

Thanks for the welcome!

isnt that where howie is moving to?

nyspeed!!! :tup:

X… :wave:

wut up


welcome :wave:

Hello fellow fbody owner! Sweet car BTW!

Yeah I live in Yonkers :slight_smile:

I know where fishkill

whats up puta :wave:

wassup man!