HidnPwr > Camaro

Leaving mighty, down road xxx. few runs with a white meaty Camaro.
Each run he got the jump and i just PSHHHHH by.
Then after i went to get gas and guy pulled in to talk. he was kinda like clueless with what happend as i was in the cavy. all in all good quick runs & cool guy.
Funny part is, i was gunna down another guy and this guy came flying up to me so i just settled for this one :lol:

haha nice stuff :smiley:

\did you witness this? o?

sorry i wasn’t out buddy, i came home and fell right asleep until now.

:tup: fbods are slow and heavy anyway…


Ill start in 2nd if you wanna run me?

on a gsxr… from a roll :-p or first from a stop

full contact race?

i saw that guy pull up to the light u were at wen u left last night i was hopin u would run him. It was like an early 80s right? Good kill

sure… as long as its from a 4 lane highway and from a roll so i can peace out real quick…

did it look anything like this one?. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exbt0xqQywk



picking on more white camaros eh?

prob not

nice job on kill


WTF? How do u get people to race you in tha cavy?! I cant get people to race me in the GP.

he got me to race because he pulled a U turn and sat next to me and pissed me off listening to the car

your right they are just slow.