HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve $80

I got this in a trade and I’m definitely not putting it on my WRX. It has the mount for Subaru applications but that comes off easily. $80 and it’s yours.

price drop!


Bump price drop!!!


Used to have on on mine :idiots

Post very detailed pics of it please ;D

I want to make sure it’s not an ebay special before I tell you I want it.

SRT-4 owner looking to buy a loud BOV… why am I not surprised :tong

its legit, i’ve seen it. well from what i could tell.


:tong :ninja

lol i always wanted one for my car but opted for the tial…

Quieter than my stock one and is a push-style. Slightly better than my little stock rubber plunger with a 1lb spring that blows off in vaccum. My stock BOV has such small holes in it, it blows off for 2 seconds at full boost. Sounds like someone yanked a hose off an air compressor, lol

Tial :nod


ill get at you tomorrow about this, can you get a pic?

Don’t have a camera. I’d rather just show it to you.

so your positive it aint F-ed up in any way?

I got it from a friend in a trade but it worked fine on his car.

:lol, sounds like a quality piece

couldn’t be that its one of the best on the market :tong. lol.