hockey helmet visor / helmet

looking for a helmet visor. open to any make/model.

Also may be in the marlet for a new helmet. I have a bunch but none have been worn for at least 5 years and depending on what’s out there I may just buy a new one. If you have something post it up.


wear your old helmet. My Bauer 4000 from 10 years ago is the best helmet ever.

You shouldn’t have an issue finding a used half-shield… just beware of scratches and shit… it makes visibility on the ice shotty. I’d buy a new one to save myself the hassle. They usually go for around $30+ depending on brand/quality.

Ya, I’m probably going to pull out my old Bauer 4000 tonight and try and clean it up. It’s been sitting in my garage for years with body filler dust etc all in it. Maybe I’ll give it a little bath, lol.

I also have an old half shield but it’s beat to shit. tough to even see thru it. I have to pickup a new stick too, so I’ll most likely grab a new shield when i go.

fyi the newer bauers are pretty much exactly the same in terms of interior padding (at least the 4500/3000) as your older 4k. NO point in spending 100 for a new one.

Also, the more expensive half shields like the oakleys truly make all the difference in the world in terms of visibility. I usually dont even wear my $30 bauer halfer because it sucks.

One more thing… if your like me and just toss all your shit in the bag afterwords… i’d consider investing in a helmet bag to keep the scratches off that half shield.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been out of the hockey loop for some years so it’s like starting all over, lol. All my equipment is back from my highschool/travel teams.

Looking forward to getting back into some game action this weekend. :tup:

I have a Reebok 8K helmet that I would sell. Awesome helmet. Black/carbon, size medium. Here is info on it.

PM me an offer if you’re interested.

I had a visor for it as well but sold it.

How long was the helmet used? What type of condition is it currently in? Any chance you can get a pic of it?

Possibly interested

I’ve used it maybe 20 times. It’s in great condition. I’ll snap some pics of it on Friday and PM you. I’m out of town until then.