Hot Camaro on eBay

If only I had the $$… again lol Holy short ownership.

Lets not steal things from other forums, word for word :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


Who cares officer K… some ppl are no longer on that other forum…
I dunno tho… I dont see the hoover on the airbox… did Butch take it off?

I’m sure he did.

The Nitrous is gone too bro. (At least I didn’t notice it in any pics)

Ahh I figure you’re talking about UBRF but I’ve been banend for quite awhile and I was searching “Camaro Z28” on eBay and that showed up in the list… so I thought I’d post it.

oh well…

The nitrous was long gone and the Hoover lid is on my wall forever. lol

So that is your old rig? you must be sad to see it on egay, eh?

the owner lives down the street from me. I thought he did something to it because i hadnt seen it in a while, but then randomly it popped up again. Hopefully it will go to a better owner then its current one


Good good good…

yea i talk to his extremly hot ex at stupid cuts today he got another fbody

oh goodie, maybe he’ll actually want to race this one instead of just neutral reving the piss out of the SS as he drives by my house when im out working on the TA

I sent him an email. I noticed that he has the silver headlights back on it. I also asked the reserve. He is looking for 17,900. Not going to sell on ebay I bet, but maybe privately.

black head lights > silver head lights.

:word: I thought something looked different

I saw the kid driving it the one day on NFB

which Supersluts? her name?

the nitrous was gone like 1 1/2 ago to officer k