Hotttt car on eBay.

IMO, not a bad buy it now price.

when im done with grad school…

thats secks on wheels

both VERY hot cars, but ill take the blue one … lol

UGH my God i would buy that in a heartbeat…

love the ka, dont really care for the system; IMO

WOW that is HOTT!!!

gorgeous car

insane,i love it

huge :tup: i wouldn’t mind having that :smiley:

this picture is incredible. the reflection of the caliper in that super deep wheel makes me want to eat a baby

wide body :tup:
rims :tup::tup:
front bumper :tdown:

Those rims look familiar

that car is retardedly hot :tup:


who’s the one with body kit and springs without struts to go with it?


holy deeeep dish batman!!!111

YEA i just got my confirm of purchase notification…pick it up on friday

im gonna by it and have zerodaze smooth out the AF curve a bit… kinda lean for my tastes…

they look like yours lol