How Many People Have A ZF Eight-Speed (8HP) Transmission?


Interesting article on just how many cars & trucks are using it. I’ve got one.

In 2017, some 3.5 million 8HP transmissions were built for a laundry list of manufacturers that includes Aston Martin, BMW, Fiat Chrysler, Jaguar Land Rover, and the Volkswagen Group. Beyond performance, the eight-speed’s appeal is rooted in its versatile modular design. It can accommodate a maximum torque output from as low as 162 pound-feet up to 770. It is compatible with a variety of all- and four-wheel-drive systems, such as an integrated center differential or a two-speed transfer case. The ability to swap the torque converter for an electric motor, as BMW has done, allows automakers to develop hybrid variants with minimal changes to the drivetrain. And the commonalities among all 8HP gearboxes allow companies to share core elements between vehicles as different as the Dodge Demon and the Ram 1500, minimizing development costs.