How pissed would you be?

Was out for a walk tonight around town and I saw this…
It appears after the car was struck whatever hit it took out a fire hydrant and then left some rubber on the road as it came back onto the road and then took off…
The kicker is the car was parked out front because the driveway was just paved :banghead:

Also found this 76 Charger with a supposed 6,700 original miles…
Inline 6 and rusty lower panels, $4000obo

wow…that stinks

Wow that would really upset me, however. Driving a Grand Prix I would be happy because it would total it and I could get a good car.

9c1ny, what town do you live in? that charger is very close to my house, 1/2 mile or so.

at least his priorities are straight and still pulled off his burnout :tup:

i would love it. new car ftw!

I’d be bent out of shape… who cares, new car or not… pretty sure your insurance in gonna go up as a result

Ricky Bobby learning how to drive again?

Ouchies :frowning:

Man thats just wrong,i would be crazy pissed !! Just goes to show these things do happen.We all have to be weary were we park our cars.

a very simaliar thing happened to a guy on SHOforum. he had the ONLY supercharged V8 SHO in the world and this bitch in a camry (a newer one) did simaliar damage to his SHO. he basicly posted pics and said he didn’t have much to say but wanted to throw up. all that work and custom parts gone, because she fell asleep at the wheel.

I think I remember that Dodge. Rt. 62?

yup rt 62

hahaha I was thinking the same thing.

Base Grand Prix ftl.

Jeez, that thing is trashed… New car time?