Hunter Kelly (Jim Kelly's son) Died Today

At the age of 8, lost the battle with Krabbe Disease (sp?)

Thoughts and prayers.

yeah, I saw that on the Channel 4 news at noon. :frowning:

What causes Krabbe disease?

I think it’s caused when daddy has so many concussions that the sperm become retarded.

seriously, I don’t know. but this link (below) says that it’s a genetic deficiency,0,172584.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

ya its genetic.

Krabbe disease is hereditary. Something about padding tissue missing from nerves in your head or something. I dunno, google it. Don’t think it has anything to do with Kelly getting hit senseless while in the NFL.

:(, thoughts and prayers go out to the kelly family

its genetic or in the pennsilvania water system, because of all those superstar quarterbacks that came out of that little town or whatever in PA, a bunch of their kids have Krabbe’s

either way =\

Hunter lived more than 3 times as long as is typical with someone with the disease.

Thats a shame but every day must have been a struggle for that poor kid.


:frowning: rip


i just heard that on the radio…:\


that sucks…that family went through alot to keep him alive. i used to work at this conference center and they had a hunters hope banquet there once and jim kelly started crying during a speech…gotta be hard

Thats realy sad…he was only 8…my prayers go out to Jim and his wife.

:word: :frowning:

8… way too young to go.

I wish them all the best… nothing could be harder to deal with than this.

RIP thats sad. i cant even imagine how toguh that must have been for the family :frowning:
my prayers go to the family