Hurricane Ian

Figured why not throw up a thread. Anyone have some good livestream links? I was watching a good one on TikTok for a while but it started getting crazy and her feed cut. Now all the comments are “RIP” and “You won’t be forgotten”.

This thing is a MONSTER.

Ive been watching this all morning.

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So that surge cam 9 was 12’ above water, and now it’s underwater. Wow.

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Luckily I’m on the northeast of FL so expecting just some rain and win over the next couple days.

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Jim Cantore almost got shit mixed

this is a pretty wild storm. havent seen one this bad in a few years.

looks like insurance doesnt cover this stuff down there either.

noooo thanks… i’ll maybe take a 10th floor or higher condo down there… maaaybe. looks like airbnb is the move.

Until the building falls


Where can someone find flooded vehicles for sale.

Is there a way to make some money on these?

they get rounded up by the large salvers and they do not really let individuals get in the way. easier for them to sell in bulk than to deal with individuals.

you can buy them privately if you go down there and hustle direct from the owners. I’m sure many slip through the cracks.

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I’d buy a flooded first gen gallardo and LS swap it lol that’s where my brain went. They used to be affordable at 80K, now the manual is surpassing 150, I missed the boat.

Thats an awesome idea.
If you pulled the motor and sold it youd prob break even lol.

Would have been better the other day.