Anybody know about these dirt bikes?

I usually stick with the big four when it comes to my toys but I got a good deal on a 250cc.

Easy to maintain? expensive to maintain? Reliable? etc?

check out those sites

they are pretty good bikes, a friend of mine used his as a trail bike. It kept up pretty good with my KTM250 when i had it, what are u planning on using this bike for?

Messin around on the trails on weekends like this past 4th of July.
Wheelies/small jumps/trails/drunk riding etc.

lol, it’ll suit you just fine then. if your getting it for a good deal then go for it

i know williamsville out in holland is a dealer for these. the owners son works overseas for them, im sure he will tell you everything you want to know about them.



one of my friends works at the dealer in holland. his name is Jeff and he knows his stuff. I bought a bike from him a few years ago and it was awesome. give him a call there and iLm sure he’ll answer any questions. i’d trust him for service too, good guy.

he does all my work on my bike. great guy and really knows his shit. i could spend hours with a pen and pad listening to him talk about bikes.

superbad style?

anyway, those guys are pretty stand up, i trust them.