Hyundai Genesis - Carbon FibER Front Lip (2010-2012)

ISIS released these last year and then discontinued them. I have acquired all of the remaining inventory MUAAUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHA… anyways… yeah.

Listed $380 on Kijiji for CDN dudes… if any US dudes want one before i bring them into Canada i can do $250 USD but the window of opportunity will be tighty-whitey


What is carbon fibRE???

shut it…

and to be more specific about the window of opportunity, basically that offer is only available if someone picks up when i pick up the stuff before i bring it over into Canada.

I don’t think any active posters in the US here even drive one… but what do I know.

Looks like some nice lipz bruhh

Looks good!

that’s kinda strange that no WNY’ers are rolling in a Gen Coupe… they’re mega popular with all the brown guys in the GTA :slight_smile:

Yeah we were talking about this the other day. People in the market for this kind of car will just buy a Camaro or Mustang in our area. Rust belt bro!

ya’ll bitches is wack

Bing when are you picking these up stateside? Might have 1 interested person.

likely wont be for a week and a bit.

hey gents,

bumping this up. i have a few of these left. i bought out all of the remianing inventory in the US and i believe they are no longer in production.


these lips are being sold on ebay for $550 - $600 shipped from either CA or overseas:


Now that i have brought them into Canada and paid the taxes etc. on them i need $300 USD picked up over here.

still half the price of ebay though.

pics updated in the lead post.