I am baaaaack

hey ya’ll… so I am Chris… or Minnesota… No I am not gay… although I do act gay on occasion… :wave:

stop denying the gayness…lol

blah…you are gay…and you know it…



dude, you’re so gay i am supprised you dont burst in to flames


hey chris, we’ve met at O a couple times


hEY chris~!! haha

you are gay…you WILL admit it some day , lol

Occasion??? How bout most the time :stuck_out_tongue:

this is very true… :rofl:

ahhh the crazy beretta driver joins us!

haha, think i met you at O a couple weeks ago :wave:

i heard you are very :gay2:

wow… I think you all are just waiting to get a piece of this fine rear end… stupid leghumpers!

what is the deal with karma? if someone gets really bad karma do they get an auto ban? and really good karma gets them free blowjobs? whats the deal?

Take the free hummers and call it a day…its way cooler that way :slight_smile:

B**ch Get back to WORK! RRUUUNN!!

we love you even though you are a bit on the…hahaha j/k :slight_smile:

whats up ace… wheres gary

Yes sir… don’t you have a phone call to get back to? or maybe an engaged girl to hit on? or a bumper/headlights/taillights/(random rice mod) to install? lol.

Gary is running around with his woman! the cheating bastard… and we have crazy crime to solve too… good work.

welcome aboard you big hunk of a man :yum:



be out there tomorrow :kiss: