I ❤ my custom title

SPanx Rubicant :rofl: :tspry: :headbang:

Word son…Come back in one piece!

LOLOLO…very niceeeeeeeee

now come home BOIIII

Shaddup Perma-Lurker…

your sig is giving me seizures

How bout I ban you to solve that problem…


damnit…now i hate you again

you’re my hero becuase you have a prizm… I had a 1994 prizm and it was the greatest car ever.

[edit] haha, i just realized i have a custom title now too. :tspry:

hehe nice :tup:

i got yet another one…its damn long hhaha

miss you mike!! come home soon…be snky and find a plane to fly back home NOW… :smiley:

i :heart: mine

i think im still a noobie lol

edit: nope im a lurker

bah custom titles are overrated

i think you need knee pads for one

nice title lol

why dont you just come pick me up in the hoT dropped TeeCee, we can fill up for free here :tup::headbang: :hitit:

I’m not worthy :frowning:


You got one now, you fucking whiner!! :wink:

none greater then mine :wink: