I seriously need one of these.


I’m such a ricer. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, anyone know if there is any company out there that makes a 5Amp SPST Red Button switch like this. Preferably with the proper gone in 60 seconds “Go-Baby-Go” around the button?

As having that on the shift knob would just be awkward.

haha do it!!

I’m sold!

lol my lord

On a related note, My fiance has lost her keys so many times that I’m tempted to just replace her ignition with a toggle switch and an SPST and just hope nobody steals it. Hmm, probably have to take the door locks out too.

That guy is probably cashing in with that website.

don’t need a 5 Amp switch, just use a low-amp switch and a normal 30A relay; much easier.

As for where to find the knob, no clue…


Done this before with tiny microswitches in stuff. It’s fun when you hide tiny microswitches inside steering wheels or shift knobs so you can control stuff right in the wheel (And I’m not talking stock like, I’m talking switches in the finger grooves of the actual wheel). I put one in my MBA aluminum shift knob years ago, the switch itself is about 1/4" square if that.


wow its even called the “eleanor shifter knob button”